Accordion hat

This hat forms a set with the Harmonium scarf and the Melodeon shawl.

Worked in two colours, hat consists of a border of simple brioche stitches with a stockinette crown, making it ideal for new-comers to brioche. Choose bold colours where the simplicity of the pattern allows the yarn to really shine, or more muted colours for an understated but very wearable hat that will go with everything.

The syncopated brioche stitches give a beautiful texture that remind me of the key springs of the harmonium that my mother plays. The harmonium belongs to the same family of instruments as the accordion, leading to the name of this hat.

The hat includes instructions for three sizes: toddler (approximate head circumference 46cm), teenager/small adult (approximate head circumference 53cm) and large adult (approximate head circumference 60cm).

You will require two colours of DK weight yarn, approximately 90, 120, 150m (98, 131, 164yds) of the main colour and approximately 36, 48, 60m (39, 52, 66yds) of the contrast colour for the small, medium, large sizes.

The pattern has both written instructions and charts. Detailed descriptions and a photo tutorial of the more unusual stitches are also included.

Stitch abbreviations and chart symbols are based on those developed by Nancy Marchant.

For pattern support, please post in the help thread in my Ravelry group.

Price: AU$8

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